How We Can Be Your Competitive Advantage?

Maybe this sounds familiar?

In the past the business was fairly successful. Now it’s barely providing a living and the outlook is no better.

You are worried about surviving.

You are worried about your competitors taking away your market share and your customers.

Nothing is helping.

The cause could be any number of things such as:

  • The business has weaknesses that are overwhelming it
  • The business team needs strengthening
  • The environment has changed and the business has not kept pace
  • The competition has grown stronger

We can help with all of these and today we will address the competition.

We claim that if you don’t possess a competitive advantage , that is if customers have no specific reason to chose you then you are seen as a commodity and your prospects look for the cheapest provider.

A competitive advantage starts with thinking about customer needs and and your planned solution to those needs.

Take our firm for instance. What competitive advantage does Aron Brajtman CPA’s possess?

We do several things that other accountants don’t:

  1. We help in creating growth in the value of the business.
    1. We do this by focusing the busines on areas that make profits
    2. We strengthen the areas where the management is weak
    3. We are tuned in to your current situation by using reporting and accounting systems that are on line.
  2. We charge a flat annual fee paid monthly. We never charge by the hour.
  3. We charge  based on the results to be delivered.
  4. We partner with other CPA’s for tax work and other compliance services.

Unless a CPA firm provides features and benefits desired by its customers but not available elsewhere , prospects will look for the cheapest alternative since all CPA firms are the same. That’s what attracts our type of customers to us as opposed to choosing someone else.

Create a competitive advantage for your business. Download our  diagnostics and learn how.