Wine Business Advisors

loblaws ab 2Wine Business Advisors

Falling in love with the beauty, bounty and  charm of Prince Edward County began with a road trip in 2003.   After many repeated visits to the area over the past few years, my wife and I were thrilled to buy a home in Bloomfield and become one of the “county folk”.

The County is home to close to 40 wineries and the industry is rapidly expanding.

Over the past several months I have studied the wine business with a view to helping wine growers better manage the non operation side of their enterprise. I learned about direct to consumer marketing, creating an experience for the wine tourist, the advantages of wine clubs, wine cycles and the existence of barrel substitutes. Most importantly, I learned about marketing challenges and how they have been overcome in other wine growing regions nationally and internationally.

I reviewed business plans prepared by wine growers and   I now better understand the types of expenditures required  to establish  a winery,  and the number of years  it takes before the investment is recovered.  My knowledge of the industry cannot compare to that of the wine growers and their experience. However, I can understand their challenges and reframe their issues within the context of my own expertise.