Small businesses fail regularly.

  • They fail because there never was a business case for their creation.
  • They fail because their business model is flawed.
  • They fail because there is no written business plan.
  • They fail because no founder is qualified to be at the same time the CEO, the COO and the CFO.

We can transform your business from a small owner controlled venture to an enterprise that can be replicated in other locations, that can function without the owner and that can be sold for a large sum of money. To that aim we devote our relationship with clients.

Exiting the Business

We help you create a business that can be sold at a high price

CFO Services

Here’s a list of common problems faced by businesses that we can help you with
•Too much cash tied up in receivables
•Inventory turn too low
•Capital items financed out of working capital
•Current liabilities too high
•No cash flow forecasting and monitoring system

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