Exit Strategy Program

Learn how to to get your business sold at a high price.

Some businesses owners sell their business and walk away with millions in cash,while others have little to show for the 20-40 years that they ran the business. Too often, sellers make mistakes that end up leaving money on the table.

Our exit program, will teach you a process for preparing your business for a successful sale at a price that will reward your years of hard work. This program introduces the strategies and tactics needed to successfully sell the business.

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Why You Need an Exit Strategy

An exit is inevitable. We show you the reasons and many of them will be familiar to your own circumstances. Some of them may take years to materialize others not so much.

It may be later than you think.

Prepare the Business for a Successful Eventual Sale

A lot happens between creating a business that is attractive to a buyer and the actual sale. We teach and assist you in leading this process.

Getting the Best Price

Obtaining a high price for the business is not a matter of luck. It requires preparation and conscious management for success. It is not left for the end.

Learning Objectives

In our program you will learn:

  • What your business is worth at present
  • What it will take to obtain the desired price
  • What buyers are looking for in a business
  • How to make the business valuable without your involvement
  • When to put the business up for sale