Eventually all business owners will need to exit their business.

Reasons may vary but they revolve around the following factors:

  • Retirement because of age
  • Health problems of the owner or their family
  • A change in circumstances impacting family finances
  • Unexpected family issues
  • Change of interests and no longer passionate about the business
  • An unexpected offer

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There may be a large difference in the price obtained between the Losers (owners who continue to manage their business as before), and Winners,(those that consciously prepare it for sale).

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When buying a business, buyers and their representatives (agents,lawyers) create a short list of  a specific set of criteria. Among them are:

  • More Cash and Less Inventory
  • Positive Long-term Contracts
  • Diversified Base of Customers and Suppliers
  • Solid Capture and Retention of Order Data
  • An Audit for the Prior Five Years
  • A Strong Management Team

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