Learn To Be An Owner – Years 1 to 2

Learn To Be An Owner – Years 1 to 2

Being an owner requires an array of skills and competencies. Unfortunately hardly anyone has all of these when staring out. The good news is that most of these can be acquired over time.

Our “New Owner” program is designed to help you rapidly acquire these necessary skills while operating your business.

We will provide written materials for download that will cover stages 1 to 3.

Stage 1 -A self assessment is free

Stage 2 – Learn the Basics is also free

Stage 3 – Beyond the Basics requires an investment of $250.00 and for that you get

  • materials for you to learn the topics in the stage
  • Over two years we will hold a monthly 10 minute conversation to go over the topics you covered since the previous month. By the end of the two years you will know more than most new business owners and will be ready for our next program “Breaking Even years 3-4




See below what the program offers


Stage 1 – Complete the Assessment and find out:

  1. Do you have what it takes to be self employed?
  2. Why do you want to be self employed?
  3. Do you have the technical skills?
  4. Do you have the business skills?


Request the free self assessment

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Stage 2 – Learn the Basics
(read the manual Starting Your Own Business courtesy of Logan Katz Chartered Accountants) There you will learn the following:   

  1. Selecting the Equity Structure
  2. What you must know about taxation
  3. Selecting the accounting system
  4. Setting up a bank account
  5. Setting up financing
  6. Why your business needs an accountant
  7. Why your business may need a lawyer

Request the free Start Your Own Business Manual
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Stage 3 -Beyond the Basics. Things you must know:

  1. Payroll System
    1. Computerized or manual
    2. In house or outsourced
  2. Employees
    1. Hiring
    2. Remuneration
    3. Contractors
    4. Letting go
  3. Cash (you must never ever run out!)
    1. Monitoring
    2. Forecasting
    3. Reserves
  4. Costs and why they matter
    1. Fixed
    2. Variable
    3. Gross Margin
  5. Business Plan (for the owner ,not for the bank)
    1. Written
    2. Public
  6. Business Model
    1. How does the business provide value?
    2. How does the business retain value for itself?
  7. Banking Relationships
    1. Selecting a banker
    2. Maintaining the relationship (especially when bad things happen)
  8. Accounting
    1. System selection
    2. Bookkeeping
    3. Accountants
    4. Selecting your accountant
    5. What should your accountant provide?
  9. Lawyers
    1. Do you need a lawyer?
    2. How to choose a lawyer


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