Tables for download STUCK

Diagnostics for Stuck Businesses

Name of Diagnostic Details of Diagnostic Cost US$ Order Diagnostic
Does the business have the characteristics of successful businesses or of failing businesses This assessment compares the characteristics of the business against a bench mark of successful businesses 1 Download Diagnostic
SWOT Analysis This assessment examines the strengths(S),the weaknesses(W),the opportunities(O) and the threats(T) facing the business 10

How healthy is the business and does it have potential to grow This diagnostic examines the business and its current potential 5 Download Diagnostic
The growth potential of the business This diagnostic assesses the potential for the business to grow 5  
Business Model Initial Assessment Does the business model provide value to its customers and does the business capture some of that value? 5
If the above diagnostics conclude that the business is viable and yet it’s doing badly , we must consider that elements of the business model are not working. The next set of diagnostics focuses on these elements.
Element Details of Diagnostic Cost US$ Order Diagnostic
Value Proposition The diagnostic examines the value that the business offers its customers 5
Segmentation The diagnostic examines whether the business has a distinct set of markets it is trying to appeal to 5
Culture and Rewards The diagnostic examines the culture of the business,its remuneration policies and the interaction of the two to generating success 20
Marketing and Sales The diagnostic assesses the marketing and sales contribution of the organization to its current situation 20
Leadership The diagnostic assesses the current leadership and its ability to deal with the challenges 20
Customer Relations The diagnostic assesses the organization’s ability to deal with the problems of its customers.     20
Cost Structure The diagnostic assesses the cost elements of the organization     20