Value Proposition

Value Proposition

A value proposition describes what you do in terms of tangible results for the customer. It’s a commitment to deliver a specific combination of resulting experiences, including a price, to a group of target customers, profitably and better than the competition.

It Focuses on Customer Needs

Your customer must have a need or a business problem it has to solve.

There is little benefit in pursuing sales opportunities where the customer has no need to buy.

Value is the benefit customers perceive when they select a solution to a real problem.

Focusing only on product features and benefits offers no value to the customer. For a value proposition to be successful, the customer must perceive that your proposition is superior to every alternative being considered.
Some examples of value propositions that meet different customer needs:

  • help customers increase their revenue
  • help customers decrease their costs
  • help customers increase their profitability
  • help customers better respond to the needs of their customers, to new opportunities that might be presented by their customers, or to threats
  • help customers improve their productivity
  • help customers improve the satisfaction, retention, and growth of their customers
  • help customers improve their quality

Do a self assessment of your own value proposition