Why Your Business Needs a Part Time CFO

Small businesses fail regularly. Often they fail because the founder has failed as the CEO.

In addition to being the CEO, the founder  has chosen to be also the COO and the CFO.

No founder is qualified to be all three. None of us are.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?


Too much cash tied up in receivables
Too much Inventory
Capital items financed out of working capital
Current liabilities too high
No cash flow forecasting and monitoring system
Running out of cash
Need for more funding
No idea of the value of the business
Profitability not high enough
No benchmarks to measure against
Management reporting is out of date
Unable to find a buyer for the business
Unable to get a fair offer for the business

A strong CFO can make a huge difference with the above issues. A strong CFO will more than repay their cost by the additional value contributed to the business.

To help you decide whether a part time CFO might be what your business needs,download a self assessment diagnostic and then reach your conclusions.