You have tried to build a successful business. Instead it is stuck in a no growth mode. The current results are no better than the past year. The past year no better than the year before.

In a year or two the business may be gone. It wasn’t always this way.

Learn what is going wrong. What has changed in your environment?

Learn what  successful businesses are doing that’s different.

We offer a series of diagnostics. They will provide answers as to what ails your business.

Upon completion of the diagnostics you will know

Whether the business has the characteristics of successful businesses or of failing businesses

How healthy is the business and does it have potential

A SWOT analysis will enable you to decide whether you should exit the business

Each diagnostic assessment within the series will upon completion help determine whether at each point it’s time to review the options or whether to move on to the next diagnostic in the series.

Download the infographic shown below that will outline step by step reasons as to why businesses struggle and what to do about it

See the diagram below and click to enlarge

Odds are that by this point the diagnostics will reveal why the business is stuck.

However if the business has successfully passed the above stages but is stuck it’s time to examine the business model and its following components

  • How does the business make money and does it work? Business Model Diagnostic.
  • Diagnostic to assess the following parts of the Business Model
    1. Value Proposition
    2. Segmentation
    3. Culture and Rewards
    4. Marketing and Sales
    5. Leadership
    6. Customer Relations
    7. Cost Structure

Check out the diagnostics