Management Accounting

Management Accounting & Planning


We can help with many accounting issues. See below for details.

However most businesses have specific challenges that are troubling them. See our solutions here.

Budgets and Forecasts


    We help you prepare budgets for profit planning purposes. We actively assist you in interpreting your periodic reports that monitor key performance indicators that apply to critical areas of your business.  Working with you monthly on these, we complete a comprehensive review of your operating plan every quarter.
    Prepare annual company budgets with breakeven levels and profit goals for desired owner salaries and return on investment.
    Compute periodic sales targets to achieve budgets.


Performance Indicators


    Set up detailed key performance indicators and financial/operational reporting routines for management to prepare.  Such items will be designed to monitor the key activities that lead to profitability and decrease reliance on owner daily input.


Actual measurements of the health of the business

    Ongoing periodic analysis and interpretation of financial statements, with written commentary for consideration and action.  However, ALL final management decisions are yours alone.
    Annual business performance review to analyze your key financial ratios.
    Business succession planning to prepare for inheritance and protect assets from tax liability.
    Prepare a limited calculation of estimated business value using comparable company sales and giving a general guideline of valuation.

Insure that the well being of the owner is aligned with the business

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