Opportunities not Problems


Opportunities not Problems


Too many of my clients and prospects reach out to me for help only when their problems become overwhelming. As long as there are no problems they think that all is good. Well, it’s not true.

We are all in business to achieve results. A business does not achieve results by solving problems; it does so by exploiting opportunities. Solving problems brings the business back to a normal state. Solving problems enables the business to function as it was meant to do.

Results come from exploiting opportunities. Consequently, resources must be allocated to opportunities, and not to problems.

Any new and existing business must focus on opportunities. Often, listening to our customers will point to these opportunities. Sometimes we can find opportunities by studying our competitors, and other times by studying those who are not consumers of our industry.

Searching out and finding an opportunity comes from being attentive to the market’s needs.  Making a meaningful contribution to that select market will lead to profits.